Women in the Church (WIC)

The PCA has always believed that a strong church must have a strong core of women  The WIC does a variety of things that minister to others both within the church and in our community, including caring & serving for the following:  

  • Sending College Care Packages at exam time
  • Supporting Palmetto Pregnancy Center
  • God's Kitchen
  • York County Foster Parents
  • Children's Attention Home

Women's Bible Study

Join us  each Friday morning at 10:00am in the church sanctuary as we study God's Word and discuss its applications for our lives, and how we can impact our community.

Quilting Ministry

What is a prayer quilt? Can you touch a prayer? Can you pull it close and feel its comfort? Well actually, you can, if it's part of a prayer quilt. 

Our one aim is to glory God by ministering specially to his saints who are, by his grace, persevering in faith either as permanent shut-ins or those enduring some chronic and/or life-altering event, and also to those being welcomed into the covenant community through the sacrament of baptism. 

Whether you are an experienced quilter or wanting to learn how, you are welcome to join them every Thursday at 10:00 am in the fellowship hall. 

Contact Sarah Stroup for more info: 704-807-2273