We welcome you and your children to worship with us! We provide Sunday school classes and evening classes for all ages, and we invite them to join you for Sunday morning worship. (please see below for more information).

Nursery is provided during the Sunday School hour and Worship hour on Sunday. Nursery is also provided during our evening classes.

Below is a list of programs that we also offer for children:

  • Sunday School: Sunday at 9:15am.
  • Evening Classes: Sundays at 6:00pm.
  • Created for a Purpose: a creative arts camp for girls. (click here to learn more)
  • Connect Bible Study: Fridays at 10:00.


God’s Family Showing Them Jesus

We believe the entire church, as God’s covenant community, is called to join the parents to show Jesus to our children. We do this at many times, in many ways, including classroom teaching (Sunday school, Sunday evening classes, Friday morning kids’ Bible study), praying for individual children (children’s prayer bookmarks), and relationships with families and children. 


Show Them Jesus

Sunday School at 9:15pm

Nursery (ages birth through 2 years)

  • Location: Nursery room (Sanctuary)
  • Teacher: Stacy Dixon (and a group of dedicated nursery workers)
  • Curriculum: The Gospel Project (see below)

Pre-K/K (ages 4 years and kindergarten)

  • Location: Room 2 (Fellowship Hall)
  • Teacher: Glenda Williams and Georgia McKinnon
  • Curriculum: The Gospel Project (see below)

1st through 2nd Grade

  • Location: Room 4 (Fellowship Hall)
  • Teacher: Stephanie Baker
  • Curriculum: The Gospel Project (see below)

3rd through 5th Grade

  • Location: Room 3 (Fellowship Hall)
  • Teacher: Carole Wilburn
  • Curriculum: The Gospel Project (see below)

Curriculum:  The Gospel Project is a 3-year chronological Bible overview that helps us see the grand story of scripture - God’s plan to rescue and redeem sinners through faith in Jesus Christ. Each age covers the same passage of scripture, which helps parents reinforce the lesson at home. We are currently learning about the early church and how the Holy Spirit worked through Peter to preach, heal and bring the gospel to many people. 

Every 4 to 5 weeks, we begin a new unit that includes a Bible memory verse and a Big Question and Answer. The verse and question are posted on the classroom doors, and can be found in the Narthex (feel free to take a printed card version!). 

God’s Family IDEA: As you interact with the children at church, you could ask them to help you learn the current Bible verse, question, and answer. The fellowship time is a great time for this.

Sunday Evening at 6:00pm

Nursery (ages birth through 2 years)

  • Location: Nursery room (Sanctuary)
  • Teacher: Julia Seaman and Sophie Seaman
  • Curriculum: Show Me Jesus, Great Commission Publication

Pre-K/K (ages 3 years and kindergarten)

  • Location: Room 2 (Fellowship Hall)
  • Teacher: Mindy Robinson
  • Curriculum: Lead Me to Zion, by Heather Molendyk

1st through 2nd Grade

  • Location: Room 4 (Fellowship Hall)
  • Teacher: Stephanie Baker
  • Curriculum: The Gospel Project (see below)

1st through 5th Grade

  • Location: Room 3 (Fellowship Hall)
  • Teacher: Caleb Standafer
  • Curriculum: Westminster Shorter Catechism for Kids, guide by Caroline Weerstra

The nursery age children have an age-appropriate simple story and lots of play time. 

The pre-K and kindergarten students are learning covenant theology as we trace the theme of God’s covenant promises to his people from Adam, Noah, Moses, David, and to Jesus. 

The older elementary students are learning the Westminster Shorter Catechism. The weekly lesson focus for each age group is posted on the classroom doors and in the narthex.  

God’s Family IDEA: Ask the child you are praying for to share one thing that they have learned.

Friday at 10am

On Friday mornings, children ages 4 through 10 (who come with their moms to the women’s Bible study) are studying the names of God, based on the book God’s Names, by Sally Michael. The goal of this study is from Psalm 9:10 “And those who know your name put their trust in you.” The complete list of names we are learning is posted in the narthex. 

God’s Family IDEA: Ask a Bible study child to tell you a name of God along with its meaning.

Children & Worship

We love children and want them to enjoy the worship of God with His family.

Each Sunday, during the worship service, we bring the children forward for a special children's sermon that relates to the pastor's sermon. We strategically put this about 25 minutes into the service so the kids can get up and move around. That helps them adjust to being in worship for an extended time.

You can also find that many of our children sit with different people each Sunday. This occurs so that the responsibility of teaching children how to worship is felt by all. We truly are a family!

We encourage children to stay and be a part of the worship service as long as they can. But we understand that might not be possible for all. To help parents, we have a TV just outside the sanctuary that streams the worship service so they can still worship with us.

In addition to that, we also provide a nursery during the service with workers that have been properly screened to ensure everyone's safety. The nursery also has a TV that streams the service so the workers and children can hear the worship service.