Job openings

Part-Time Choir Director

It is desired that the Redeeming Grace (RG) Choir Director will function within the historic Reformed tradition of worship music. Under the oversight of the Session, and under the direction of the Senior Pastor, the Choir Director is expected to do the following with respect to worship services.


  1. Select anthems for the choir each week or ensure there is special music, i.e. piano offertory, solo, duet, etc. during the offertory time. (The hymns are chosen by the pastors)


  1. Select special anthem music for our Missions Conference


  1. Select special music for Christmas cantata or Christmas program (We have an extensive library of music but may still need/want to order & number new music)


  1. Locate music when requested, and verify copyright license if obtained from sites that offer only downloadable copies


  1. Warm-up & rehearse hymns & anthem from 10:00-10:25 each Sunday morning


  1. Rehearse with choir and pianist each Sunday at 5:00 for a 1-hour rehearsal


  1. Type words to the anthem and submit them to the communications coordinator for printing in the bulletin and for review by the senior and associate pastors to ensure the lyrics are doctrinally sound and in concert with the Reformed Faith


  1. Direct the choir during the offertory/anthem time each Sunday. (Choir is always present in the choir loft even when not singing an anthem; this is to help lead the congregation in singing of the hymns)


  1. Have special choir rehearsals (probably two 2-hour practices) for Christmas cantata, usually on a Saturday morning


  1. Keep (sung) music filed back in file cabinets so that it is kept orderly.


This position is estimated to be 5 hours per week. Two weeks may be taken for vacation in consultation with the Senior Pastor. It is desired (but not required) that the RG Choir Director would become a member of RGPCA. 

Interested parties may contact Rev. Henry Beaulieu at 912-515-4106