1st Thing Ministry

1st Thing is a ministry started by a handful of ministers (and their churches) to bring the Bible to public schools. 


There is a hunger for God's word and truth! There is also a demand for students to be taught character in the schools. 


Students arrive at the school at different times in the morning. So we thought, "Why not teach them the Bible over donuts and juice during that time?"   So we do!

Clover Middle School 6-7th graders meet before school starts on Monday and Tuesday's each week

Oakridge Middle School meets on Thursday and Friday's.  

Who does this?

Pastors! We believe that Pastors should put a face with their church, the donuts, and the gospel. Over 10 strong evangelical pastors rotate each week to provide solid Biblical education. 

Please visit www.1stthing.org to know more about this ministry.