Missions Conference - March 16-17, 2019


"Plant for the Harvest" 

Matthew 9:37-38

The conference was a great success and a wonderful time catching up with some of our missionary families.  

Your 2019 Faith Promise can still be made by filling out the tear out in your bulletin on Sunday or by contacting one either

Leo Markwat or Richard Cain.


Missions of Redeeming Grace

Redeeming Grace is currently supporting 19 missionary families and 3 agencies.  The main focus of the committee is to identify missionaries that are church planters and who have a heart to reach the unsaved.

The Missions Committee is very excited about our Faith Promise Missions Conference that is held each March.  All are encouraged to participate in the Faith Promise that not only supports our missionaries and agencies but also allows for the committee to distribute special one time ministry needs once per year.  

What is the Faith Promise?

1. It is strictly between you and God.  If you decide you cannot give as you promised then you tell God alone.  Only you and he will know.

2. It is waiting before the Lord for His guidance as to what you are to give. 

3. It is trusting God to supply more that you have in order to give it back to Him. 

4. It's sole purpose is to support the work of world evangelism that is commanded by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.