Discipleship & Education

Each Sunday morning, we have highly experienced and trained educators of God's word to equip you in the understanding and application of truth. We welcome all to come and enjoy the rich teaching that is offered to all ages.

See below for a breakdown of these classes and hope you will join us soon.

Classes are from 9:45-10:30am.

  • Adult Class & Sr. High

    Teacher: Sr. Pastor, Aaron Morgan

    Title: New Testament Survey

    Location: Library


    We continue our studies through the books of the Bible and this fall we will encounter the Gospels and Acts. In this 12 week study, we will look at the following:
    -Survey of each Gospel and the book of Acts.
    -Study of the life of Jesus. 
    -Study the critical attacks to the gospels.
    -Study the reliability of the gospels.
    -Apparent contradictions and “problem” passages that are most commonly used against the Gospels.

    *While this study will be survey in nature, each class will be carefully outlined and presented in such a way that you will have a detailed account of how the gospels and Acts are structured and crafted by each author while seeing the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Textbook: Bible

  • Adult Class & Sr. High

    Teacher: Associate Pastor, Alan Wiley

    Title: Sing! 

    Location: Back Room

    Singing is such a sweet part of our worship services. Why do we do it? How can we do it well? After a brief discussion of the importance of singing "psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs," we'll spend the rest of our times together looking at the history of a handful of beloved hymns -- a different hymn each week -- some famous, some largely overlooked and unknown. We'll hear about the author, and the story behind the hymn. Then we'll reflect on how the hymn beautifully presents to us the truths of Scripture, and provides us a wonderful opportunity to praise God!

  • Jr. High

    Teacher:  Kim Leitch

    "What Do You Believe?"

    Location: The Loft

    Grades 6 & 7 ~ This year's lesson will explore the beliefs of the Bible. 

  • Grades 4-5

    Teacher:  Mindy Robinson

    "1 Corinthians to Philemon" 

    Location: Room #2

    Grades 4&5 ~ Creation, the Fall, the Flood, the Abrahamic covenant, the patriarchs, and Joseph are the topic to be taught during this semester.

  • Grades 1-3

    Teacher:  Stephanie Baker


    Location: Room #3

    In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth and all the people along with all the plants and animals.  Your children are sure to enjoy leaving with Stephanie! 

  • Pre-K & Kindergarten

    Teacher:  Glenda Williams

    "God Created All Things " 

    Location: Room #1

    Pre-K & Kindergarten ~ The little ones will discover the Creator through His Word and His creation.