Who we are:

We are a congregation of the PCA. The Westminster Confession of Faith asks this question:

What is the chief end of man? Answer: To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

This is our sole mission.

What to expect when you come.

We strive to make worship reverent and Christ-centered. This means that worship should be designed for God's people to know they are in the midst of a holy God. We are called to give worship to Him, not the other way around.

Being Christ-centered is to focus all things on Jesus Christ. The "Order of Worship" will try and communicate the story of redemption throughout the service. Here is what you will typically see if you were attend one of our services:

Call to Worship: A reading that calls God's people to worship.

Hymn: The Lord's people should respond with praise.

Invocation: Prayer that invokes God's presence among His people.

Confession of Sin: Because of the Lord's presence, we feel the weight of His holiness.

Promise of Pardon: A reading from Scripture that promises God is eager to forgive His people.

Hymn of Response: God's people are moved to praise!

Pastoral Prayer: Take time to pray for the needs of His people.

The Lord's Tithes and our Offerings: We give what the Lord has already given to us.

Children's Sermon: Jesus loves the little children and desires that we bring them to Him.

Preaching of God's Word: A preaching exposition of Scripture.

Closing Hymn: Let the people praise Him!

Benediction: A pastoral blessing given to God's people.

We are excited about you coming and joining us for worship!