Discipleship & Education

Each Sunday morning, we have highly experienced and trained educators of God's word to equip you in the understanding and application of truth. We welcome all to come and enjoy the rich teaching that is offered to all ages.

See below for a breakdown of these classes and hope you will join us soon.

Classes are from 9:45-10:30am.

Spring classes are now in progress!

  • Adult Class

    Teacher:  Associate Pastor Alan Wiley

    "Exploring Church History"

    Over the next year we'll be looking in-depth at four eras of the Church's history.  We'll begin with the earliest days, from Jesus' ascension on.  Those days, the furthest from us, were the most influential, laying the foundation for our churches to this day.   

  • Adult Class

    Teacher: Elder, Bobby Goforth

    "The Study of Romans"

    Please join us as we start a journey through Pauls’ Epistle to the Romans. This is letter is an absolute masterpiece that details God’s grace and love toward us. We systematically walk through the first two chapters of Paul’s Epistle together and glorify God through studying and mediating on His Word

  • Sr. High & Young Adult Class

    Deacon Chris Newbern
    "Financial Stewardship & God's Direction"

    The bible actually has a lot to say about money. We have been called to be "managers" of God's resources. Scripture talks about budgeting, borrowing, lending, saving, spending, hoarding, giving, contentment, greed, the poor, the rich, work, laziness, goal setting, and tithing. God desires for us to have financial peace and sadly many have become entangled in lifestyles that result in financial bondage.  This class will help you become trained to help others with money and will teach you the biblical principles as well. We are going to spend the first few weeks going over some foundational principles that set a biblical view of money. With that foundation being laid, we will then discuss how these principles have many practical applications for life today. 

  • Communicants Class

    Teacher: Pastor Aaron Morgan

    I am so thankful for the parents who have let me know that their child might be ready to proclaim their faith as their own. This class is going to walk through the implications of faith in Christ and the practice & privilege of being a communicant member in the Lord’s church. If there are any more parents that believe their child is ready to do this too, please contact me
    (Pastor Aaron).

  • Jr. High

    Teacher:  Kim Leitch

    "Evolution vs. Creation"

    Grades 6 & 7 ~ A study based on the Genesis account of creation from a scientific perspective.

  • Grades 4-5

    Teacher:  Mindy Robinson

    "First Samuel to Esther" 

    Grades 4&5 ~ The reigns of the Kings of Israel and Judah, the captivity in Babylon, and returned exiles.

  • Grades 1-3

    Teacher:  Stephanie Baker


    Learn about God's provision in bringing His people out of slaver and into trust upon Him in times of trouble and frustration.

  • Pre-K & Kindergarten

    Teacher:  Glenda Williams

    "Jesus is the Savior"

    Pre-K & Kindergarten ~ Learn that Jesus was sent because of God’s great love.